How Green is Tea on tea Green?

Its our belief that as the world and the environment changes, we as conscientious proprietors at Tea on The Green must strive to maximise our contribution to help in areas of Nutrition, Low Food Delivery miles and an ECO friendly policy.

To this end we select our menu content with a view of providing a healthy balance of food and drinks options which allows our wide range of customers to choose as healthy a meal as they so wish. We also provide Bolton Abbey fresh spring water Free of Charge on request. Our suppliers are sourced from a criteria that focuses on quality, organic and sustainable producers and where possible within a 20 mile radius of Bolton Abbey.

Our ethos extends to our commitment to minimise the levels of plastic and non-biodegradable products and packaging to an absolute minimum. This is a challenge in the hospitality industry as many situations require a liquid proof container or utensil, however we are always sourcing and adding to our ability to minimise our usage of needless single use plastics. Why not bring your own Multi-Use Containers for drinks next time you visit, or buy one from us…we offer a 10% Discount on every hot drink that uses your own reusable cup!

The producers and suppliers we use to source our ingredients include;

Class One
Fruit & Veg
Fresh Fish

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